Smooth Sandstone Paving

Smooth Sandstone Paving Information

Sawn sandstone paving is available in a wide range of colours, styles and surface textures, from cool, contemporary Beige Smooth Sandstone with its consistent, pale colouring to the rich, earthy tones of Buff Smooth Sandstone, similar in looks to traditional British Yorkstone. For a sleek, urban space, Contemporary Grey Smooth Sandstonehas uniform colouring that allows a simple, modern design to speak for itself. Our sawn sandstone paving range is available in a choice of differently sized slabs or in project packs, allowing you to choose the paving effect you’d like.

Choose matching steps and copings for a unified design

Take advantage of the convenience of off-the-shelf step treads, coping stones and edging to match your choice of paving and create a unified design without long lead times spent waiting for materials. Alternatively or additionally, you can also make use of our exceptionally well-equipped Bespoke Stone Centre, where our stonemasons can create custom sizes, shapes and finishes from any of our sawn sandstone products.

Is sawn sandstone slippery?

Sawn stone has a smooth flat surface. Very dense stone, such as Buff Smooth Sandstone paving, would be slippery when wet if it did not have a surface finish applied. In the case of Buff sandstone, the surface is sandblasted. Other sawn sandstone paving is flamed, honed or sandblasted and brushed to increase its beauty and also to raise slip-resistance to the British Standard required of outdoor paving. Some smooth sandstone paving, such as Britannia Buff Yorkstone Paving, has inbuilt slip-resistance and needs no additional finishing. Find additional information and images of sawn stone surface finishes and slip resistance specifications for each paving on the product pages.

What is a cheaper alternative to smooth sandstone paving?

Sawn paving costs more than riven stone because of the time and investment that has to go into its production. If budget is an issue, why not have a look at our choice of Porcelain Paving? And if it’s a little too modern in appearance for you, we have a broad range of Riven Sandstone that can make a great alternative to sawn sandstone. Find out more about how we help you to reduce the cost of paving.

Why choose sandstone paving from London Stone?

Investing in hard landscaping is a significant commitment, and ensuring the longevity of your sandstone slabs is key. At London Stone, we've established enduring partnerships with trusted suppliers to ensure we only receive high-quality stone. We meticulously inspect our stock to maintain this standard. Be aware that some options on the market may be too soft and deteriorate quickly. Our commitment is to provide sandstone slabs that not only weather beautifully but also maintain their aesthetic appeal for many years, offering you both durability and lasting elegance.

High-quality sandstone, sawn for a crisp, contemporary look, with a slip-resistant finish

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