Sawn Sandstone Paving is available in a wide range of colours, styles and surface textures, meaning that there is a Sawn Sandstone for every garden. From cool and contemporary Beige Sawn Sandstone, with its consistent, pale colouring to the rich, earthy tones of Buff Sawn Sandstone, similar in looks to traditional British Yorkstone. For a sleek, urban space, Contemporary Grey Sawn Sandstone has a uniform steel-grey colouring that allows a simple, modern design to speak for itself. Our entire Sawn Sandstone range is available in a variety of different sized slabs, meaning that you can experiment with different laying patterns.
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Beige Sawn Sandstone Paving
Beige Sawn Sandstone
Harvest Sawn Sandstone Paving
Harvest Sawn
Buff Sawn Sandstone Paving
Buff Sawn Sandstone
Contemporary Grey Sawn Sandstone Paving
Contemporary Grey
Multi Mint Sawn Sandstone
Multi Mint Sawn
Multi Buff Sawn Sandstone
Multi Buff Sawn
Grey Yorkstone Paving
Grey Yorkstone Paving
Heath Sawn Sandstone
Heath Sawn Sandstone
Flamed Grey Sawn Sandstone Paving
Flamed Grey
Desert Sawn Sandstone
Desert Sawn Sandstone
Golden Sawn Sandstone Paving
Golden Sandstone
Antique Cream Sandstone Paving
Antique Cream
Britannia Buff Yorkstone Paving
Britannia Yorkstone
Dune Sawn Sandstone Paving
Dune Sandstone
Mirage Sawn Sandstone Paving
MIrage Sandstone
Light Grey Sandstone Paving
Light Grey Sandstone
Our priority is always to supply the very best quality natural stone, and our Sawn Sandstone Paving collection is no exception. You can also take advantage of the unparalleled level of choice on offer, with matching Step Treads, Coping Stones and Edging all available off the shelf, meaning that you never have to compromise on style. You can also make use of our exceptionally well-equipped Bespoke Stone Centre, where our stonemasons can create custom sizes, shapes and finishes from any of our Sawn Sandstone products.