Smooth Limestone Paving

Smooth Limestone Paving Information

Smooth limestone is a designers’ favourite for contemporary paving schemes. Its sawn surface and edges give the crisp lines so often sought in modern design. But it also has a refined character and is available in soft base colours that can also suit more traditional styles. Discover how top designers have turned to sawn limestone in RHS show gardens.

What is special about smooth limestone paving?

Our selection of smooth limestone paving options includes the highly revered Jura limestone from Germany. Egyptian limestone is a more budget-friendly sawn limestone alternative. Small shells and fossils are embedded in our limestone pavings, along with gentle natural veining. These are what give Jura, in particular, a unique place in the hearts of designers, landscapers and homeowners. Limestone’s tight grain means its a hard-wearing contemporary paving with a luxury antique feel resulting from its geological origins.

I love Jura limestone, but it’s expensive. Is there an alternative?

Jura limestone has rightly earned its place as a highly desirable contemporary paving. But there’s no denying it’s at the luxury end of the market. This is where modern materials can step in. Jura limestone porcelain paving , available in grey and beige, is exclusive to London Stone and although it obviously doesn’t carry the small fossils so beloved of Jura, it has a real look of the natural stone and all the benefits of a low-maintenance paving.

Does limestone paving need sealing?

We would recommend that all sawn limestone is sealed prior to installation. This makes laying faster, as mortar stains are easier to wipe off, and will aid ongoing cleaning and maintenance. This advice applies specifically to sawn stone. Riven stone is less likely to require sealing, depending on its position and level of use. Find more information on sealing limestone.

Refined with a luxurious appearance and slip-resistant finish make this a popular, versatile choice

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