Sawn Limestone Garden Paving Slabs

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John Davies Landscape,
Small shells and fossils embedded in Sawn Limestone give these German stones a unique place in the hearts of designers, landscapers, and homeowners alike. Popular in contemporary gardens, the soft base colours of buttermilk beige, pebble grey and sage green can also suit more traditional styles. Gentle natural veining helps to make these high-quality, hard wearing stones so striking, yet subtle. The naturally tight grain of these German stones mean they are hard-wearing, and are suited to most geographical environments, be it a north-facing, shady garden, or a sun-baked south-facing terrace.

Sawn Limestone Garden Paving Slabs

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A premium quality amorphous chalkstone, all of London Stone’s Sawn Limestone is quarried in Upper Bavaria, Germany, and has a unique beauty. Dating back to the Jurassic period (hence the name!), Jura Limestone is famed and revered for its fossilised ammonite features, that are accentuated when the stone is machine-sawn during the manufacturing process, which also makes the paving extremely smooth. Our Sawn Limestone collection makes the perfect choice for elegant feature, or complementary, steps and copings. We would recommend that Sawn Limestones are pre-sealed prior to installation, to aid ongoing cleaning and maintenance.