Natural Stone Paving Installation guides

The installation of natural stone paving whatever anybody says is highly specialised.  Take Indian Sandstone for example.  The surface is naturally riven, the thickness can vary from 25-40mm and there can be up to 5mm tolerance on the dimensions.  Correct installation is a real skill and it is very easy to spot a poor installation.  I have lost count of the amount of times I have seen Indian sandstone paving laid upside down.  Look out for the launch of London Stone Synergy.  It will be full of installation guides, how to do it videos, technical specifications, before and after shots.  The intention is not to encourage people to cut out the trade and install their own natural stone paving.  The intention is to educate people and give them a more realistic expectation of what to expect.  It may also help people to sniff out the cowboys.

By London Stone Blog | Published 30th September 2010
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