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Jamie Butterworth Blog – #OneIndustryUnited, One Year On

Jamie Butterworth Blog – #OneIndustryUnited, One Year On – we take a look at what Jamie and London Stone have achieved over a twelve month period. Traveling across continents, educating industry professionals, and exploring how much we can learn from each other.

Just over a year ago, we set out on a mission to unite the industry. A bold, brave and quite surprising move to most. 

Landscapers and designers are shown how to move trees safely into place, at the inaugural Development Day at Majestic Trees – March 2018 read more

Jamie Butterworth Blog – Development Days – Half Time

Jamie Butterworth Blog – Development Days – Half Time – We take a look a the days already delivered in spring of 2018, and look forward to what is to come in autumn/winter.

Jamie Butterworth London Stone Majestic Trees CPD

Jamie Butterworth introduces our inaugural Development Day at Majestic Trees, March 2018

Before the holiday season starts in earnest, we thought that this would be a good opportunity to not only look back on what has been a jam-packed seven months but look forward to what we have upcoming for the Autumn and winter. An extension of the spring Development Days, covering new topics, with the aim of broadening knowledge and improving skills. read more

Jamie Butterworth Blog – London Stone Host Inaugural Landscaper Development Day At Majestic Trees

A large part of my new (when do I stop referring to it as ‘new’?) role working for London Stone is uniting our industry, bringing together soft and hard landscaping closer together, unifying what we all do and upskilling ourselves in the process. The two sides go hand in hand; as every garden undoubtedly has elements of both.


On Friday 9th March, we held our inaugural, Landscaper Development day at Majestic Trees, the first of 8 days we will be running throughout 2018, each day specifically tailored towards a certain aspect of horticulture and soft landscaping, giving landscapers and designers alike the opportunity to develop their skills base in order to create and build better gardens. read more