Jamie Butterworth – #OneIndustryUnited, One Year On

Jamie Butterworth Blog – #OneIndustryUnited, One Year On - we take a look at what Jamie and London Stone have achieved over a twelve month period. Traveling across continents, educating industry professionals, and exploring how much we can learn from each other.

Just over a year ago, we set out on a mission to unite the industry. A bold, brave and quite surprising move to most. 

Landscapers and designers are shown how to move trees safely into place, at the inaugural Development Day at Majestic Trees - March 2018

At Futurescape 2017, myself and London Stone’s Garden Design Director, Craig Potter, set out our vision for London Stone; to bridge the gap between soft and hard landscaping, to give back to the industry, and most importantly, to help and support students coming into the industry.

I am immensely proud to say that over the last 12 months, we have achieved more than I personally thought possible. From schools and colleges through to innovative Development Days, we have met with hundreds of students, designers, landscapers and suppliers across the UK.

As an added bonus, we are also on track to raise £3,000 for our industry’s charity, Perennial GRBS. Just through the events we have run throughout 2018; this doesn’t include the monies raised through our Landscape Specialist Scheme. Perennial undertake incredible work in supporting our industry when times get tough, so we couldn’t be happier to have helped raise some money for this brilliant cause.

Elaine Portch shows her 'Best In Category' plaque on her gold medal-winning garden from Green Living Spaces, at RHS Malvern 2018 - May 2018 - image courtesy of Lynn Keddie

We have welcomed 462 designers, landscapers, gardeners and suppliers to our 8 development days in 2018. A collaborative effort with some our industry’s very best nurseries, suppliers, designers and contractors. This involved everything from trees to green walls, RHS shows to cross industry collaboration. By sharing skills, stories and the occasional glass of wine, we can help to pass on vital skills and upskill our whole industry in the process.

We have visited and spoken to over 430 students across 10 different land-based and design colleges throughout the UK. Injecting a passion for the industry into land-based colleges, hopefully making the transition into full time work easier and enthusing the students at the same time.

Bringing the industry together - our evening of integration and collaboration at the North London Showroom - October 2018

We have assisted in bringing horticulture and landscaping into secondary schools, showing that we really are a career to be proud of. This has involved trips to schools across the UK, working with BALI’s Go Landscape and the RHS ‘Green Plan It Campaign’. It has since been revealed in the last month, that the UK horticulture industry contributes £24.2 billion to the UK economy. A staggering statistic that shows just how important our sector is, and the work we all do.

We have pioneered a brand-new category for RHS Malvern Spring Flower Show, showcasing that you don’t need a big space to have a beautiful garden. Working with four fantastic, new garden designers to an RHS show. This category is now confirmed to go ahead for a second year!

James and Helen Basson and Sarah Eberle spoke at an event to open our new showroom - November 2018

We have worked with dozens of landscape contractors, to teach them how to correctly unload, move and plant plants and trees, as part of our on-site training. This helps and enables landscape contractors to better bring a garden designers’ visions to life.

We have even been to Russia and South Africa, sharing the British passion for our brilliant industry with an international audience and inspiring professionals from further afield.

Jamie taking London Stone around the world - Moscow Flower Show - July 2018

So, what’s next? Where do we go from here? Well, for 2019, we will continue to run developmental events as an opportunity to learn, develop skills and share passion for what we do. From students to industry professionals, these events will offer something for everyone. We are proud and excited to run a whole series of educational events at our brand-new London Stone Surrey Showroom in Farnham. A dynamic space designed to optimise hands-on and classroom learning in an inspirational space. We will be partnering with fellow suppliers and our industry associations to deliver the best training possible.

Quite a busy 12 months, I’m sure you’ll agree! And what’s next for me? Well, I’m about to take my biggest leap yet, more details on this to follow in the next few weeks…

Published 29th November 2018
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