Natural Stone Paving from a helicopter

It turns out that the landscaper who built the London Stone South East London showroom has actually got his own helicopter.  The machine was used to great effect last week as it took to the skies to take some shots of our recently completed natural stone paving showroom.  The birds eye view of the showroom give a superb view of the new showroom and really shows off both the contemporary and traditional areas of the paving display.

You have probably already guessed that its not a real helicopter.  Well it is a real helicopter but a very small remote control one.  Simon from Landart often uses this helicopter to photograph landscaping projects from above.  We think that its a great marketing tool and also it looks like a whole lot of fun too.

The birds eye view provides a new perspective on the project.  The traditionaly paved area which includes all the riven sandstone, limestone and Slate Paving turned out to be almost as big as the contemporary sawn paving area.  The site that we lease at Knockholt is a 1/3 of an acre so it was while we were building the sawn paving area that we thought to extend the traditional area.  Were really pleased with how it has turned out, bearing in mind the traditional stone area was a little bit of a afterthought

show area knockholt





By London Stone Blog | Published 3rd October 2013
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