How To Live An Outdoor Lifestyle In Your Garden

What is better then being outside? Find out how to live an outdoor lifestyle in your garden this summer.

More and more, we are realising how much our gardens can be our own personal sanctuaries! But you want to be sure you are getting the absolute most out of your garden. Here is a list of our handy tips on how to live an outdoor lifestyle this summer.

Metal Pergolas are ideal for bringing style and shelter to the garden.
Picture yourself relaxing in your garden all summer long.


Firstly, you should consider what the main purpose of your garden is. Will you be entertaining friends and family over a BBQ, relaxing late into the evening or spending time with the kids outside? Are you wanting to create a quiet space, does it need to be kid- and pet-friendly, and how many guests will you be entertaining? These are all questions you should consider.


After considering the purpose of your garden, you can plan a layout that serves this purpose. For example, create spaces that have an intended function. If you are creating a space for relaxing, choose the quietest spot in the garden. The hosts among you may want to consider proximity to the kitchen. If you are relaxing and unwinding in the evening, where is the evening sun, what is the best view? Make the most of what your surroundings have to offer.

Now you have decided the purpose and layout of your garden, you can start to think about how to get the full potential from it.

A Hybrid BBQ is ideal for cooking the perfect barbeque.
Host friends and family and cook up an impressive BBQ.

Go under cover

Having some shelter from the midday sun or sudden showers allows you to enjoy your garden, whatever the weather. You will also be the home of choice for get-togethers! Metal pergolas make a more permanent structure in your garden, adding instant luxury to the space. A gazebo allows you to pop up some temporary shelter for special events or just when you have had too much sun or are anticipating a bit of rain. A shade sail will allow you to have half an area covered and the other half open for those sun worshippers; they are also ideal for smaller gardens.

Create a cosy spot

A fire pit is the perfect way to create a cosy little corner. It’s ideal for staying warm outside, even late into the evening. Centre your fire pit in the middle of the garden furniture and create a warm atmosphere that everyone can enjoy and benefit from. You can also ramp up the comfort in your garden with some garden cushions or a throw blanket.

Garden lighting will create the perfect atmosphere in your garden.
Light the way for guests and create a calming atmosphere with garden lighting.

Host the best BBQ

For those who love to entertain, there is no better way to do this than with a BBQ. The perfect way to get friends and family together in the garden, with a BBQ you can cook and host at the same time, not missing out on any of the fun. Our hybrid barbecues provide you with the optimal cooking choices for a successful BBQ every time. Visit our “Best Practices For Cooking On A Charcoal Grill” for top cooking tips.

Light up your space

The final touch to your garden is the perfect lighting. Garden lighting can be multi-functional, adding an interesting element, security, and improved safety in the garden. Use lighting strategically to illuminate key features in the garden so that these can be enjoyed after the sun has gone down. Alternatively, use string lights to create a cosy atmosphere around your garden furniture. For gardens that have steps or trip hazards, you can use lighting to ensure that friends and family moving around the garden after dark do so safely. With so much choice of lighting, there is something for every garden.

Begin your garden transformation today and find yourself enjoying more time in the garden.

Published 30th April 2021
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