Porcelain is very much on trend. We have got a huge selection of different colours, textures and sizes and have also introduced a range of Porcelain step treads. Completely exclusive to London Stone, these steps mean that Porcelain is every bit as versatile as our other premium paving materials when you’re working on a site with walls and changing levels. The Porcelain Steps are supplied in standard sizes but, as ever, there is also the option to take advantage of our fully equipped Bespoke Stone Centre if you need a Porcelain Step made to measure.
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Beola Bianca Porcelain Steps
Beola Bianca Steps
Cave Porcelain Steps
Cave Steps
Cement Porcelain Steps
Cement Steps
Cinder Porcelain Steps
Cinder Steps
Faro Porcelain Steps
Faro Steps
Gea Porcelain Steps
Gea Steps
Golden Stone Porcelain Steps
Golden Stone Steps
Kirkby Porcelain Steps
Kirkby Steps
Pierre Blue Porcelain Steps
Pierre Blue Steps
Rovere Porcelain Steps
Rovere Steps
Sandy White Porcelain Steps
Sandy White Steps
Silver Contro Porcelain Steps
Silver Contro Steps
Silver Grey Porcelain Steps
Silver Grey Steps
Slab Coke Porcelain Steps
Slab Coke Steps
Slab Khaki Porcelain Steps
Slab Khaki Steps
Trendy Black Porcelain Steps
Trendy Black Steps
Urban Grey Porcelain Steps
Urban Grey Steps
Warm Beige Porcelain Steps
Warm Beige Steps
White Quartz Porcelain Steps
White Quartz Steps
We source the finest quality Italian Porcelain and all or steps are crafted to exacting standards at our West London Bespoke Stone Centre. Steps look best when they are chunky, that's why our Porcelain Steps are supplied with a chunky 40mm downstand edge, or with a finer, 20mm bullnose or pencil round edge. We have 23 different colours of Porcelain Paving available and we can supply matching step treads in every colour. We also supply Porcelain in matching coping stones to complement the steps and paving, offering designers and landscapers the complete solution for their projects.