Hard Landscaping Trends for 2016

Last month we had some fun asking searching questions of some of the people you meet in our showrooms. What we didn't report was their answers to “What do you predict will be the next trend in landscaping?”

Harrington Porter Urban Grey Porcelain One 16

Image courtesy of Harrington Porter. Featuring Urban Grey Porcelain from London Stone.

It's notoriously difficult to forecast this sort of thing, so even we were surprised by the width of the consensus.

Before we tell you what it was, though, a word about The Garden Trends Report which comes out every year, published by the Garden Media Group. It puts new technology at the top of its list, which means our Michael Forkes, Sales Advisor in our North East London Showroom, has his finger on the pulse, as he's tipped apps and online services as a big trend for this year and we're pleased to be bang on trend with our useful online colour variation feature (available on our individual product webpages), which helps you to help your clients understand the sorts of variation they can expect from each of our products.

Incidentally, you might also like to know that, in the report, designer Andrew Fisher Tomlin says that design trends are shifting towards a combination of shrubs, conifers, trees and perennials, as people tire of endless perennial meadows.


Harrington Porter Urban Grey Porcelain One 28

Image courtesy of Harrington Porter. Featuring Urban Grey Porcelain from London Stone.

However, the report isn't perfect. Why? Because it misses the next trend in hard landscaping. There's no doubt in our showrooms what that is going to be. Here are the answers to that question.


“What do you predict will be the next trend in landscaping for 2016?”

Porcelain - for all those creating a stylish but low- maintenance garden, it will be a must have!  (Anthony Pasquini, Showroom Manager, NE London)

The Porcelain range will take off. The natural feature textures, such as wood planks, will be ever growing.  (Chris Bartlett, Sales Advisor, SE London)

I predict a noticeable trend in landscaping in 2016 will be the increase in the use of Porcelain – due to its hard-wearing, low-maintenance nature, it is easier to clean and can appear more consistent with less variations. A lot of people want their gardens to look, and stay looking, immaculate with minimal effort. Porcelain can help achieve this.  (Fiona Campbell, Sales Advisor, SE London)

Porcelain is the future without a doubt.  (Steve Goulds, Showroom Manager, SE London)

Porcelain Paving is going to take over the world, one garden at a time!  (Anthony Macson, Showroom Manager, West London)


And no, they weren't coached! But we admit that we're all bit excited by Porcelain. Here it is in black and white; we're going to be seeing a lot more of Porcelain in the coming year and beyond.

We'll eat our hat if we're wrong, and let's just say we're pretty confident we won't, at the end of the year, be sending out for a side order of chips!

Published 9th February 2016
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