Stone Sealing Service protects your investment

With so much effort going into designing, laying and enjoying an outdoor space, maintenance is often the last thing on your mind. Yet, to ensure you or your clients continue to enjoy a newly laid outdoor space, it's essential to consider how you'll maintain its good looks.




To start off on the best foot, ideally, before the stone has even arrived, you should think about sealing. Wherever possible, we recommend pre-sealing. That is, having your natural stone sealed before it leaves the depot and before you have it laid. This way, your paving is already treated, ensuring that hold-ups to due inclement weather are minimised and your stone is protected from staining during installation (though excess grout and mortar that spill onto the surface while laying still need to be removed immediately).


However, lead-in times and sudden changes to schedule don't always make pre-sealing a possibility. Or indeed you might have bought stone from somewhere else (you're forgiven!) where sealing wasn't an option. In this case, you can take advantage of our on-site Sealing service.


We offer a standard Paving Sealing Service for patios and extended paved areas, and, for steps, coping stones, pier caps, pool surrounds and wall cladding, our Bespoke Stone Sealing Service, all carried out by our in-house experts. Sealants shouldn't be applied to dirty stone and cleaning may be necessary before we seal.  Our experts are happy to carry out a free preliminary assessment to advise.


Photo by TDF Building Contractors Photo by TDF Building Contractors


For sealing, we use market-leading impregnating treatments from Dry-Treat. These penetrate deep into the pores of the stone, forming a permanent bond with particles in the stone while allowing moisture to evaporate. This not only protects your paving from water absorption and, therefore, from becoming ingrained with dirt (because water carries dirt particles into the stone) but protects against stains and efflorescence (and the picture-framing effect that can accompany that). It also inhibits the growth of mould and algae. Altogether it could reduce the frequency with which you need to clean your patio, depending on the type and colour of stone you've had laid, and should ensure that cleaning is easier and quicker.


If the price of the sealing seems a little more than you expected, then it's worth remembering that, if the stone is sealed by an approved sealer (London Stone is one), the treatment carries a warranty of fifteen years (and is likely to last longer) which is a small price to pay for protecting a major investment that will give pleasure for many years to come.


Don't forget also that, if you're a London Stone Trade Club member, you can take advantage of on-site training with Dry-Treat reps. This means that you too can become an accredited operative and able to offer a warranty on sealing with these products.

By London Stone Blog | Published 9th August 2016
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