Videos: Bespoke Stone

London Stone offer a market-leading, in-house Bespoke Stone Service. Over the years we have completed thousands of unique stone pieces, many of which have featured in award winning gardens. We offer precise detail stone engraving, steps, and copings, and much more, all with the use of state-of-the-art machinery. In this collection of videos we give you an insight into how we complete all our bespoke stone projects, taking you through how all our machinery works to produce the various bespoke pieces on offer. The assortment of clips provides an interesting insight behind the scenes at our Bespoke Centre that will leave you with a newfound fascination of bespoke stone masonry.

  • Bespoke Natural
    Stone Production

    Natural Stone is a material that with the right skills and equipment can be expertly crafted into anything. London Stone have a state of the art production factory where we fabricate natural stone to meet our clients individual needs. We make cut to size bespoke paving, step treads, coping stones, pool surrounds and stone features.

  • Grey Yorkstone

    Stone flags have been used as a paving material in the UK for hundreds of years. One of the most renowned materials is Grey Yorkstone Paving. A hard, durable material that is suitable for a wide range of practical uses such as paving, steps, coping stones and pier caps. Grey Yorkstone is also versatile and stylish and can effortlessly fit into many different styles of outdoor landscape schemes.

  • Hand Dressed
    Reclaimed Yorkstone

    Reclaimed Yorkstone paving has the edges hand dressed with a chisel by one of the skilled stone masons at the London Stone Bespoke Stone Centre. One of the many stone masonry services that London Stone offer.

  • Twice Weathered
    Coping Stones

    Coping Stones are weathered to create a slope that enables water to run off the surface of the stone and cause unsightly water marks. Here in this video you will see one of our skilled stone masons hand weathering a piece of imported Sawn Sandstone.

  • Bespoke Porcelain
    Step Treads

    Here you will see one of London Stone's skilled stone masons fixing a down stand to a piece of Porcelain to create a Porcelain step material that from the front looks to be 40mm thick.

  • Stone Sealing
    and Packaging

    The sealing and packaging of natural stone is a very important part of the process of making sure that stone gets delivered to site and installed without getting damaged. London Stone offer a pre-sealing service and go to great lengths to ensure that all the material we dispatch is packaged in such a way to avoid damage in transit.

  • Stone Masonry

    Stone is a hard material but with the correct machinery and with the skills of stone masons it can be fabricated into almost anything. Step treads, pier caps, coping stone's, pool surrounds and extra large paving and landing stone's. Stone can also be engraved, so its the perfect material for house numbers and names and commemorative stone plaques.

  • CNC Stone Cutting

    A CNC can accurately cut stone into almost any shape and size from deep cuts to intricate curves, angles and radius. Cuts are precise and with less than 0.2mm tolerance. A CNC is perfect for creating bespoke pier caps, curved pool surrounds and mitred downstands. London Stone have 2 CNC machines at their bespoke stone centre near Heathrow.

  • Bespoke Yorkstone
    Fire Pit Surround

    One of the London Stone skilled stone masons creates a complex curved fire put surround using buff Yorkstone. Fire pit surrounds are one of the many bespoke items that can be manufactured at our bespoke stone centre.

  • Curved Coping

    Curved coping stones are used to cap the tops of curved walls and especially pools. The curves can be created by CNC but in this case they are made by hand by one of London Stone's skilled stone masons at our bespoke stone factory near Heathrow.

  • Bespoke Granite

    London Stone were commissioned by Rosebank Landscapes to manufacture a bespoke curved Granite water wall. The first part of this project was completed using one of our state of the art CNC machines to create the rough curves that were a feature of this bespoke water wall.

  • Granite Water
    Wall Part 2

    The second part of the Bespoke Granite water wall was done by hand. 2 stone masons used hand held grinders to polish the rough curves and create the smooth, polished surface that was required for this water wall.

  • Bespoke Basalt

    One of the most common things that London Stone produce at our bespoke stone factory are step treads. Here we we see the fabrication of a black basalt step as one of our stone masons adds a pencil rounded edge profile.

  • Edge Profile

    London Stone have invested in state of the art stone masonry machinery to ensure that not only can we offer a wide range of stone masonry services but that we can also finish natural stone to a high standard. Our edge profile machine applies bullnose, pencil round and chamfer profiles to the edges of steps and coping stones.

  • Half Bullnose
    Edge Profile

    An edge profile is applied to the edges of steps and coping stones to improve the appearance of the stone and also to remove the sharp edge which can be both dangerous and prone to chipping. One of the most common edge profiles is a half bullnose and this video shows one of our stone masons carrying out the process by hand on a Portland Stone coping stone.

  • Core Drilled Bespoke
    Sandstone Setts

    This video shows Indian Sandstone Setts being core drilled to house spot lights. The process is carried out at the London Stone bespoke stone centre and done using hand drills and lots of water to prevent the blade from overheating.