DesignClad is a high-performance Porcelain wall cladding that opens up a wealth of design opportunities. Offering all the advantages of Porcelain, its very low-maintenance, highly durable character makes it ideal as a stylish, long-lasting wall covering that brings elegant simplicity to both contemporary spaces and classical designs. DesignClad can be used in both interior and exterior settings. Virtually non-porous, highly scratch-resistant and available in a wide range of fade-proof colours, DesignClad can be cut to any size to a maximum large-scale format of 1000 x 1500mm.
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DesignClad Hydra Beige
Hydra Beige
DesignClad Steel Corten
Steel Corten
DesignClad Steel Dark
Steel Dark
DesignClad Hydra Plomo
Hydra Plomo
DesignClad Vulcano Ceniza
Vulcano Ceniza
DesignClad Vulcano Roca
Vulcano Roca
DesignClad Opium Black
Opium Black
DesignClad Hydra Argen
Hydra Argen
DesignClad, the new sintered cladding range from London Stone, gives new versatility to wall cladding. Available in a range of colours, its 1500 x 1000 mm sheets give you the chance to specify bespoke large format sizes and cut-to-size shapes for a great design effect. At 5mm thick, and with a re-enforced backing, DesignClad offers reduced weight while retaining robust strength. Weighing just 13.79 kg/m2, it offers an easy-to-handle, quick, lightweight solution to covering large areas while adding definition and character to indoor and outdoor settings.