Sawn Sandstone for Budget-Conscious Designs

Sawn Sandstone Colours for Budget-Conscious Garden Designs - read more about the newest additions to our sawn sandstone range for 2019

Three new sawn sandstones have arrived at London Stone, but Dune, Mirage and Light Grey aren’t just attractive additions to our range. They extend design options in another very important aspect.

From l-r, Light Grey, Mirage, and Dune Sawn Sandstones, on display at our Surrey Showroom

Dune is warm buff with a particularly lovely character. Mid-brown and darker-brown markings, formed by rust and iron deposits in the sandstone, ripple across the surface in a way that reminds you of desert sand, or those fascinating lines in a sandy beach when the tides gone out. Sawn six sides, as are Mirage and Light Grey, its fine grain has a luxurious feel underfoot.

Mirage, as you might expect, from the name, is more-grey, with a hint of beige. The surface is animated with gentle wisps and clouds created by charcoal deposits.

Light Grey is a new take on our very popular Contemporary Grey Sandstone. Extremely consistent in colour, it’s been given a textured finish with sandblasting, which adds movement to the surface and darkens the hue slightly to create a mid-grey that is spot-on trend-wise.

Double Arches Landscapes have installed the Dune Sandstone on their Bedfordshire project. Image taken during installation.

Perhaps the best bit about these three new additions, though, is their cost-effectiveness. Natural stone - especially sawn stone - can raise itself above a customer’s price-point, but these three, chosen for their density and hard-wearing nature, bring that luxury look within reach of nearly all budgets.

Mandy Steed, one of our Landscape Consultants, based at our North London Showroom, has found the new stones attracting plenty of attention. “These are good mid-range options,” she said. “Before, clients really didn’t have a choice of budget-friendly sandstone unless they went for riven stone.”

Each is available in three standard formats: 900 x 600mm, 600 x 600mm, 600 x 400mm, with a depth of 20mm. “That’s still absolutely fine for patios and garden projects,” adds Mandy. “And on the latest project we’ve specified, the contractor loved it because Dune looked absolutely stunning and, even with the stone pre-sealed, it came in under his original quote from a competitor for 22mm stone.”

The Dune Sawn Sandstone has a light colour, but wears well. Image supplied by Double Arches Landscapes

“They go equally well with contemporary as they do with more traditional settings,” Mandy adds. “The light grey has recently gone to a new-build property that looked traditional on the outside but inside was high-spec and modern. With 900 x 600mm and the right way of laying the paving, it worked with the coloration of the bricks, mixing with aspects of the surrounding building, but worked with the porcelain inside the building.”

Dune, Mirage and Light Grey Sawn Sandstone are, of course, available in complementary step treads and coping stones. If you’d like samples, then please get in touch or, to get a real feel for their characters, why not pop along to one of our showrooms to see how gorgeous these look over a large area?


Published 11th April 2019
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