London Stone introduces two new services to make your life easier

It's all part of our ongoing aim at service excellence, to ensure that you get to work the way you want to and save time on the fiddly parts of the job.

Patio ideas at showroom at Coolings, Kent

London Stone South East London Showroom, Knockholt, Kent

With this aim firmly in our sights, we've extended our phone line opening hours for 2016. Just as the London Stone Trade Club portal,  24/7 Stone, allows you to do vital paperwork outside daylight hours, this means that you don't have to schedule valuable time during the day to talk to us. Instead you can spend those precious hours on site uninterrupted, knowing that our phone lines are now open until 8pm Monday to Friday. This is not going to be a watered down service. When you call in the evenings, you will be speaking with the same experienced, knowledgeable and friendly staff as you would if you called at any other time.

And that’s not all. We’re making some changes at the showrooms this year to help save you even time…

All are equal but some are more equal than others. Last year we realised that you could look at our showrooms in this light. We're proud of all them but, while our South East London Showroom (at Coolings, Knockholt, Kent) has a really beautiful, comprehensive display of our products, for the contractor it needed to be a little more useful.

Large area of showroom at Coolings, Kent

London Stone South East London Showroom, Knockholt, Kent

And very soon it will be, because we're expanding our South-East Showroom to include stock ready for collection. This means, for those of you working in Kent and the South East, life's about to become easier. With stock on the ground, ready when you need it, you can build a little more flexibility into your timetable and collect locally six days a week. Coming very soon! Watch this space.

We know that the easier it is to get on with the job, the faster you can get on with the next one, and where London Stone can help, we will.

By London Stone Blog | Published 24th March 2016
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