Cut Costs with Larch Fence Posts For Cedar Fencing

Larch fence posts are guaranteed for twenty years. Ideal for long-lasting support for any fence, they also blend beautifully with cedar panels.

Larch wood fence post seen from one end. Stained with cedar oil.
The Siberian Larch Stained Cedar Effect Post carries a 20-year guarantee when used with the supplied Postsaver sleeve.

You can’t beat the svelte look of a cedar fence. However, recent supply difficulties and inflating prices have added considerably to the cost of cedar fence posts. And this is why we now supply a robust and budget-friendly alternative that will last just as long and blend in unnoticeably.

What makes Siberian larch so long-lasting?

Siberian larch fence posts originate in one of the coldest climates on earth. Growing slowly in very low temperatures makes the timber dense, with a tight grain and very few knots. This structure, along with the naturally occurring preservatives within the wood, means it is highly resistant to rot. In fact, larch wood posts don’t need a wood preservative applied for this very reason.

Of course, a timber post of any description gradually deteriorates where it is buried in the ground. This is why all our larch wood posts are supplied with an extremely effective Postsaver sleeve. Ensure your posts are installed with the sleeve, and they carry a twenty-year guarantee, which just happens to match the guarantee attached to cedar fence panels.

Treated or Untreated Larch Fence Posts

Deco framed slot-in fence panel with slotted cedar effect larch fence post
The Larch Stained Cedar Effect Post, seen here with our Deco Cedar Fence Panel, blends beautifully and is guaranteed for 20 years.

Posts are available either untreated or stained with cedar oil. Untreated Larch fence posts are ideal when you intend your cedar panels to weather naturally. Over 2-4 years, both timbers will age to an elegant silvery-grey.

Don’t worry, though, if you want to preserve the colours in your cedar panels with UV-resistant oil. This is precisely the purpose of our Larch Stained Cedar Effect posts. Treated with cedar oil, these take on a warm colour and are indistinguishable from cedar fence posts. To maintain the appearance, the stain should be applied every three to four years.

Larch wood posts – not just for cedar fencing

Of course, larch wood posts aren’t just for cedar fencing. Check out our larch panels and treated softwood ranges. As the most labour-intensive part of putting up a fence is installing fence posts, it makes sense to ensure these last as long as possible. This gives you the convenience of being able to swap out old fence panels for new, should one become damaged or you want a change.

Choice of three

Unstained larch fence post showing close-up of profiled top
Untreated larch fence post with profiled top for use with capping rails. Pair untreated larch with cedar panels that you want to weather to silver.

Larch posts come in a choice of three options:

Square top - a sturdy 95 x 95 mm post for standard fence construction.

Profiled top - choose this for the construction of fences with capping rails and invisible supports.

Slotted post – choose this when you have framed fence panels ready to slide into place. In fact, why not read about the advantages of our Deco Framed Cedar?

Find out more

At London Stone we constantly look for ways to give you the best quality for the best value. Click through to see more on our cedar fence post alternatives.

Published 20th April 2022
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