Indian Sandstone Garden Paving

Indian Sandstone Paving has been a revelation to the British paving industry.  It has been responsible for making natural stone paving affordable for all.  It is also extremely beautiful and it is hard to believe that it is all produced by hand.  Its fun to see the expression on peoples faces when you tell them that no machines are involved in the production of Indian Sandstone Paving.  A  mechanical digger is obviously used to extract the raw block of stone from the ground, but that is where the machines take a bow.  Using crowbars, sledge hammers and small chisels the original block is stripped down layer by layer.  A stencil is then laid over an extracted sheet of stone and in a matter of minutes using only a small chisel a skilled stone mason produces a perfect piece of Indian Sandstone Paving

By London Stone Blog | Published 25th September 2010
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