Exciting Improvements and New Services for Chelmer Valley

Read all about our innovative changes to improve the services for Chelmer Valley customers.

Many of our London Stone customers will already be aware of the exciting news that London Stone acquired Chelmer Valley Brick Co Ltd. towards the end of 2020. Following on from this news we now have some exciting new updates to inform you of.

These beautiful classic brick pavers from Chelmer Valley make a stunning entrance way.

This scheme just oozes classic beauty and relaxed farmhouse vibes. Dover bricks from Ana Mari Bull

A summary of the exciting changes is:

  • Price reductions
  • Split Packs
  • Next day delivery available on own vehicles, with text messages
  • Free delivery on full packs and orders over >£1000
  • Credit Accounts
  • Online Purchasing
  • Products on display at all LS branches


Now let us take a closer look at each of these changes.

Online Purchasing

All Chelmer Valley products are now available on the London Stone website! This means that you can now purchase all Chelmer Valley products direct from London Stone, as well as your favourite London Stone products. For your convenience you can place orders for both Chelmer Valley and London Stone products in one order. This feature will be a time-saving benefit for all our busy customers, who can now get all their favourite products in one place.

For the London Stone team, this is in essence the introduction of a new product to our already extensive range, something that we are very familiar with already, so it does not pose too much of a challenge for the teams.

This project of mixed packs of clay pavers from Chelmer Valley makes a stunning design.

This stunning design demonstrates how easy it is to mix different pavers. Image supplied by Outsiders Landscaping Ltd

Split Packs

When we acquired Chelmer Valley we went direct to customers and asked them what changes they would want to see. There was a resounding response that being able to split packs would be a massive advantage to customers. Following on from this customer feedback, this is exactly what we have done. You can now split packs of these brick and clay pavers at no extra charge. This means that you will no longer be left wondering what to do with left-over stock after a job.

Free Next Day Delivery Available

Customers will benefit from free next-day delivery being available on all orders of full packs and over the value of £1000 + VAT. This service, not previously available for Chelmer Valley customers, can now be offered due to our dedicated in-house transport department. Delivered straight to your door, this service means that you can get on with the job and not need to wait around for deliveries.

Price Reductions

Our ability to use our in-house delivery services will result in both lower prices and improved delivery service for customers as, previously, all deliveries were provided by external hauliers. For our trade customers our usual discount service initiative will be available.

The clay pavers make a stunning border in this beautiful scheme.

This stunning scheme perfectly demonstrates just how beautiful these clay pavers are. Image supplied by Shoots & Leaves


In the future you will be able to view the extensive range of clay pavers and brick pavers at our London Stone showrooms. This will mean plenty more locations to view these stunning products to help choose the right one for the project. There is nothing like being able to see products in the flesh and talk through them with our experienced sales team to find the right one. It is our plan to make the range available to be viewed across our London Stone locations, as well as at the Chelmer Valley showroom.

Chelmer Valley

You may be wondering what the impact of all this is on Chelmer Valley. Chelmer Valley will retain a dedicated showroom, sales, and technical teams as well as their website. Up to now we have operated Chelmer Valley largely as it was before. Their offices will remain dedicated to their customers and clay paving.  We have been taking time to really get to know and understand the business. We are now ready to make some improvements to ensure we offer the same high standards of service and value to all our customers, London Stone and Chelmer Valley alike.

You can view all Chelmer Valley products here and get inspired for your next clay paver project.

Published 25th March 2021
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