Bespoke Porcelain Paving gives you an edge

It's no good, we just have to talk about it again. The more we work with our new Porcelain Paving (recently laid at all our showrooms), the more we realise its capabilities. These have created a real buzz in the company, especially among our in-house stone masons, who are developing a deep knowledge of how to get the best out of it.

Tom Howard Garden Design Warm Beige Porcelain Two 5

Image courtesy of Tom Howard Garden Design, featuring Warm Beige Porcelain from London Stone

One of the beauties of Porcelain is that it most certainly takes an edge. With the very even sizing which manufactured stone allows, the paving slabs are easy to lay with really even pointing gaps, ideal for a contemporary look. This precision gives a bespoke curve real impact, so it's worth thinking about adding a bespoke element to your paving pattern, just to give your clients added enjoyment.

(A quick digression—Porcelain paving slabs are light too, weighing around 30% less than their comparable size in, say, limestone.)


Which takes us back to our stonemasons, who have been hard at work creating our off-the-shelf Porcelain Copings and Steps to ensure that everything you need for a complete design is ready when you are. We asked one of them, Liam Toale, to tell us what he thought of making the Copings and he told us that they'd been difficult to begin with.

Miscellaneous Urban Grey Porcelain Two 1

Urban Grey Porcelain Coping

But, as Liam said, if there's one thing we like at London Stone, it's a challenge, and hats off to our masons, who have now really got the measure of cutting Porcelain. Whoever said you can't get the staff these days wasn't looking in the right place!

NB If you're a Trade Club member and you'd like Porcelain samples to add to your sample box, then just get in touch. And if you haven't got a sample box, then we're guessing you're not a member yet. Why not sign up? A sample box is not the only free benefit.


Published 14th April 2016
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