Why You Need A Grillstream Hybrid This Summer

Discover why a Grillstream Hybrid is this years garden accessory must have.

Barbecuing and hosting is a favourite summer pastime. Having the right BBQ equipment will make your summer garden parties a sure hit. You need a Grillstream Hybrid and here’s why.

Host friends and family for the perfect BBQ get together this summer.

Just picture a British summer with the family enjoying a BBQ dinner from our Gourmet 4 Burner Hybrid BBQ. 

Lighting up

Lighting the BBQ is a breeze with a Grillstream Hybrid. There is no need to use lighter fluid or paraffin cubes; all you need to do is light the gas burners and give them 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, turn the gas off and 15 minutes later the charcoal will get a white glow. It’s a BBQ ready to cook on in just half an hour, with no nasty aftertaste from the lighter fluid or paraffin.


A hybrid BBQ gives you plenty of flexibility when it comes to cooking. Cook just on the gas, just on the charcoal, or even a combination of both. If you are cooking a large piece of meat, why not try an indirect method of cooking? Load the two outer trays of the BBQ with charcoal and leave the rest of the BBQ unlit. You can even leave the tops of the outside trays off to give you easier access to top up the charcoal when needed. Alternatively, if you are searing meat, load a single tray with charcoal and perfectly sear a steak. The rest of the BBQ can then be controlled by gas. Whatever you are cooking on a Grillstream Hybrid there is a setting to produce the perfect result.

Try home made pizza on the BBQ for something different.

Wow guests with home made pizzas! Made on our Gourmet Pizza Stone.


With the range of accessories that come with this BBQ you can do so much more then grill meat! Burgers, sausages, and steak are a BBQ staple, but why not try something more adventurous and wow guests?

Pizza – with our pizza stone you can cook homemade pizza, outside, on the BBQ! Great for something fun to do with the kids. You can also try making your own bread on this stone.

Wok – perfect for making those BBQ side dishes, over either the gas or charcoal. Throw some veg into the wok and have a stir-fry side.

Roast chicken – try roasting a chicken on the BBQ for something new and exciting. Easy to use for the perfect cooked chicken, succulent and tasty every time. Add your stock and flavours to the reservoir and let the chicken cook away under the hood of the BBQ.

Cook up the perfect BBQ side dishes in this hybrid BBQ Wok

The perfect BBQ needs the perfect sides! Cook up the perfect vegetable side dish in our Gourmet Wok. 


Dread cleaning the BBQ after using it? Not with a Grillstream. The trays are shaped to hold the briquette ash together. As soon as the ash cools you can just remove the tray and tip the ash away, so it’s ready to use again. Fat and juices from the meat are streamed away and collected in the convenient cup. This prevents the fat from dropping onto the charcoals, so no congealed fats to clean up from the inside of the BBQ, and no spitting flames when cooking. So, with cleaning made easy, you can spend more time entertaining guests and enjoying your time in the garden.

Don’t forget the BBQ cover for when you are not using your BBQ. This will keep it protected from the elements and looking its best year after year.


Explore the range here and get ready for your summer BBQ.

Published 8th April 2021
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