Trying to create the perfect bespoke stone factory

I remember watching a TV program  last year about the McClaren F1 team.  Isn't it fantastic when you see something, read something or meet someone that inspires you to do better.  I remember having that feeling after watching a documentary featuring McClaren's F1 set up.  There were so many things in that documentary that gave me inspiration of how I could improve London Stone, even though F1 racing and bespoke natural stone paving production are as different as chalk and cheese.  The thing that grabbed me the most about the documentary was the complete and absolute devotion to perfection.  You would expect the garages for example where the F1 cars were built, developed and maintained to be like any other garage, with oils stains on the floors and sparks flying everywhere.  Not the case here, the garages at McClaren's Woking headquarters were more like scientific laboratories.  They were absolutely pristine to the point of it being possible to literally eat your dinner from the floors.  Ron Dennis the chairman explained the logic behind the obsession towards cleanliness.  I am paraphrasing here but what he said went along the lines of "how can we expect to create a perfect product in an imperfect environment"  I was immediately drawn to this statement and could relate to it completely.  I remember seeing Global Stones yard about 5 years ago when I first got involved in the natural stone industry and clearly remember being taken back at how organised an efficient their yard was.  Even now to this day I still need to continually motivate our staff to keep our yard tidy and I always go back to the example of Global Stones yard, such was the impact it had upon me.

London Stone are currently in the process of moving our bespoke stone production facility to an indoor factory.  Its a huge step forward for us as it will give us a far superior environment in which to produce our bespoke stone products and like Ron Dennis at McClaren London Stone are totally focused on creating a perfect product.  We hope that providing our stonemasons with an inspirational work environment will encourage them to strive to create better and more perfect bespoke stone products.  One feature of the new factory will be to create a flowing production line.  Whether we are producing bespoke stone steps, coping stones or stone pool surrounds we want all the stone produced in the factory to follow a flow which will allow for it to receive the full attention of our Production manager, stone masons, quality control and packaging specifications.  We want all this to be done easily and as a matter of course and importantly we want our people to enjoy this process of creating the perfect piece of bespoke stone, every time

By London Stone Blog | Published 16th October 2013
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