Scott Carlson and Ian Hall of Classic Landscaping, based in Poole, Dorset, are no strangers to designer landscaping, often working closely with Janine Pattison Garden Design Ltd. Again working with her, they've recently completed this rather gorgeous bespoke stone project in our Yorkstone Slabs.

Yorkstone (3)Image courtesy of Classic Landscaping

It's a lesson in how it pays to be flexible to get the best results, as Jura Beige Limestone was the original choice of stone paving. “With the step treads, which we wanted bullnosed, the Yorkstone gave a better appearance,” says Ian, “thicker, chunkier, more practical.”

The steps descend to a grass circle, which is outlined in curved stone. This, of course, meant careful measuring of radiuses for both Classic Landscaping, as they built the brickwork to receive the paving, and for our Bespoke Stone Masonry department. “You make sure you get your one centre point and it's all measured from there,” adds Ian.

Yorkstone (5)Image courtesy of Classic Landscaping

The site was originally just a grass slope with a path to the side-gate and a view down to the road which included an ugly chain-link fence boundary. Now a retaining wall at the front is the first stage in the change in levels up to the front door. “It does look nice,” says Ian modestly.

Yorkstone (1)Image courtesy of Classic Landscaping

For our craftsmen in Bespoke Stone Masonry, this sort of project is increasingly a significant part of their output. Fulfilment director Gavin Walley is delighted to report that we're getting more and more requests for bespoke curved stone. “Our heavy investment in CNC machinery, CAD/CAM software and training is really starting to pay off,” he said. “In the past this kind of order would have represented a real challenge for our stone masons and, whilst I wouldn't say it is now easy, we can certainly produce large bespoke orders more quickly and with a level of accuracy which is simply not possible when cutting by hand.”

The stages of a project like this starts with a CAD drawing, which is converted to a computer file and uploaded to the CNC saw. The operator takes a picture of the raw material and then overlays a digital image of the stone segments onto it. This means we can ensure both that defects in the Yorkstone slabs are excluded and that the stone is used as efficiently as possible.

Classic Lansdscaping - YorkstoneImage courtesy of Classic Landscaping

So, if you have a design for bespoke paving that you'd like to challenge us with, all we can say is, Bring it on!