Quality New Vertical Products From London Stone

London Stone’s Quality New Vertical Products - For 2020 London Stone has introduced an extensive range of vertical options. Explore the range and discover some of the exciting new items we now supply. Go vertical for your next project.

Premium DesignClad


Since London Stone introduced its range of DesignClad three years ago, this wall cladding product has become ever-popular with our customers. This material has featured as a key focal point in several impressive schemes, proving it is much more than simply a wall covering. Manufactured from porcelain, this product is low-maintenance and hard-wearing. This year we are introduced the new Premium DesignClad range. At £35-£40/m2 cheaper than the Luxury DesignClad range, it offers an affordable vertical wall cladding solution – suitable for any budget.

Landtech Landscape used Desert Beige, Vintage Steel & Metal Dark Premium DesignClad in this scheme to create an impressive water feature

The DesignClad Premium collection is available in eight stylish colours that are both adaptable and contemporary. Supplied in 1600x800x6mm sheets, it will make an inspiring back drop in your garden. Or, alternatively, our specialist in-house stone masons can cut the sheets to a bespoke size that will bring a unique touch to your garden. Use this material for both interior and exterior wall cladding for a chic touch.

The colours range from the light tones of Desert Beige that will bring light and warmth that brighten an area. To the deep tones of Dark Mocha, that will add elegance and style. For a more rustic feel, the copper colouring of Vintage Steel will bring a luxurious aged feel and rustic charm into your garden. The possibilities really are endless with Premium DesignClad.

Quality New Vertical Products

A to Z Gardening Landscaping installed Metal Dark Premium DesignClad to highlight this decked area

Red Cedar Fencing


Fencing may seem like a standard garden product. However, our range of Red Cedar Fencing will take your garden fencing to the next level.
Our Red Cedar Fencing collection provides contemporary, sleek fencing and gate options. With a stunning and extensive range of products; Red Cedar Fence Panels are a long-lasting, quality solution for garden fencing. The fence panels are available in six, high quality options, that will suit both contemporary and more traditional designs. Each fencing system has a unique design. Whether you are seeking complete privacy or fencing that will allow plenty of light through to fill your garden, there is a perfect fence panel. The fence panels also offer style and elegance that will bring interest and character to your boundary. The range of Red Cedar Gate options perfectly complement our range of fence panels. Available in four options, with a framed of frameless finish, the gates can be paired with the fence panels for a seamless result.

Quality New Vertical Products

London Stone’s Quality New Vertical Products will give your designs another dimension - Red Cedar Fencing as shown here

Red Cedar is the ideal option for your garden fencing due to its lightweight and stable qualities. Red Cedar Wood is also naturally resistant to rotting, splitting and warping making it a superior quality, compared to other fencing materials. In line with the London Stone ethos of responsible sourcing, the Red Cedar Wood is sourced from sustainable forest management systems. At London Stone we conduct our business influenced by our environmental impact.

Red Cedar Battens


Red cedar battens can be a great choice for your garden fencing or screening. In our new range of cedar battens, we are offering square edged or bevel edge battens. The battens can be laid either vertically or horizontally, offering you the freedom of choice to best suit your garden style. The square edge battens will produce clean, straight lines. Whilst the bevel edge will add interest and definition, and still retain your sense of privacy.

Quality New Vertical Products

Our quality new vertical products also include red cedar timber battens - shown here with a bevelled edge

Not only are our red cedar battens ideal for your fencing but they can also be used to make various other architectural structures. This versatile product allows you to get creative in the garden, whilst retaining a sense of consistency. Once you are finished with the fencing make matching benches from the battens. For the more adventurous, why not turn your back garden into the perfect entertaining space? Use the battens to create a bespoke outdoor space with built in bar or BBQ for a complete outdoor living area.

Gardens don’t just need to impress on the ground. Take your project vertical and leave lasting impression with our expansive range of inspiring vertical solutions.

Published 13th August 2020
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