Natural Stone Paving Sealing

We have recently come across a new natural stone sealing product called Dry treat.  We have been aware of Dry treat for the past few years but have only recently discovered an important feature of the product.  In domestic applications it only needs to be applied once.  This is down to the higher content of sealant chemical in the Dry treat recipe.  In most cases, natural stone sealants need to be re-applied every year or two which as well as being expensive to do is also a job most people could do without.  Another key feature of Dry treat is that it can be applied immediately after installation.  London Stone have always recommended that clients wait a month before sealing their natural stone paving.

We are in the process of testing out Dry treat on our sawn sandstone paving display.  The products we have decided to test are Beige Sawn Sandstone Paving and Harvest Sawn Sandstone Paving.  We will keep you fully informed of the results of the test.

By London Stone Blog | Published 3rd May 2011
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