Moleanos Limestone

New products are always exciting.  Today we are taking delivery of our latest new product, its called Moleanos limestone.  One of the most fun aspects of natural stone is bringing in new products.  However it often takes some time before the new products start to sell on  a regular basis.  The result is that cash flow can sometimes be affected by bringing in new products, however this is all part and parcel of building any business whether you supply natural stone or newspapers.

It will be interesting to see how the "David Clegg" combination works.  Having Vince Cable in the treasury has got to be a good thing.  One major flaw of our political system is the lack of people with real life experience operating in the upper echelons of the system.  Cable has held down some impressive positions in his time, the most notable being chief economist for Shell Oil.

Just looked out of the window and seen that a wagon of York stone slab has just arrived from our suppliers in the North. Time for a quality check!

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By London Stone Blog | Published 12th May 2010
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