Dry Treat Natural Stone Paving Sealant

We are currently testing out a new natural stone paving sealant called Dry Treat as mentioned in a previous blog.  Since we begun testing dry treat a couple of weeks ago we have seen some very positive results.  Another really positive feature of the Dry Treat is its dirt resistant capabilities.  We tested the Dry Treat on our Beige Sawn Sandstone and discovered that after the paving had been sealed with Dry Treat any new stains could be wiped off with a sponge.  The additional benefit of this is that there is no need to jet wash the stone and its well known that jet washing can damage natural stone paving, particularly softer types of natural stone such as Fossil Mint Sandstone.  We have received a positive response from our clients about Dry Treat and its now almost as popular as Lithofin Stain Stop with our regular clients

By London Stone Blog | Published 11th May 2011
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