Social Responsibility

  1. The Issues and Challenges of Ethical Sourcing

    16th August 2017
  2. Team Felix Helps Make Clinical Trials Possible

    3rd August 2017
  3. Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy needs your help

    31st May 2017
  4. Creating Child Labour Free Zones In Budhpura

    3rd May 2017
  5. Vital Funds For Team Felix And Duchenne UK

    13th April 2017
  6. Ethical Stone: Supporting Change In Supply Chains

    16th February 2017
  7. Team Felix: raising hope for the #WorldsStrongestBoys

    26th January 2017
  8. Help to Build Hospice Gardens With Us

    22nd December 2016
  9. Perennial Support from London Stone Trade Club

    3rd November 2016
  10. £7000 Raised For Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy!

    29th September 2016
  11. Support Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy with London Stone

    1st September 2016
  12. Andrew Fisher-Tomlin explains The Bowel Disease UK Garden at RHS Hampton Court 2016

    13th June 2016

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Family and community is entrenched in our roots and we take our social responsibility and charitable commitments seriously. We are passionate about supporting our industry, as well as seeing improvements in the ethics of stone. Shining light on what our charity partners do is yet another way we can support them and this blog platform is the perfect place to do that. We are platinum partner of Perennial and do not take this privilege lightly. Dedicated to keeping members of our industry in the know about what this charity is doing and how they help we have put together information here. These blogs are a way in which we can be transparent about what we are doing with our other charity commitments. We are proud to show you what we are doing to better ethics in stone. Read our blogs about our dedication to eradicating child labour and creating child labour free zones. Each and every person in our supply chain is of vital importance. The focus on people is what drives much of what we do as a company. We are committed to ensuring our supply chain is ethical and want this to be an industry standard. As well as these we have also been involved in a number of other charitable events. We have supported the Greenfingers Charity, Team Felix and Duchenne UK. Read about all the ways we support our charity partners and strive to improve the stone industry here.