Calibrated Reclaimed Yorkstone Paving

Calibrated natural stone paving has grown in popularity over the last couple of years.  The majority of Indian Sandstone Paving now arriving in the UK is calibrated.  Calibrated Sandstone Paving suits everybody involved in the supply chain.  Suppliers like to supply calibrated stone because they can pack a much greater quantity of material into a container.  Importers also like buying calibrated natural stone because they can fit bigger quantities in their containers which reduces transportation costs.  Installers prefer to work with calibrated stone because its quicker to install and generally has a flatter surface than the standard 25-40mm thick stone.  London Stone supply Reclaimed Yorkstone Paving and one of the biggest complaints we hear from our customers about Reclaimed Yorkstone Paving is the massive variation in thickness from slab to slab.  Anybody who has worked with Reclaimed Yorkstone Paving will know that slabs can range from 40mm thick to 150mm thick.  This is a real headache for the person who has to install the Yorkstone.  An experienced installer will be able to get round this variation in thickness but it will add significant time to the job.  London Stone have started to offer a calibrating service for reclaimed stone.  The plan is to start calibrating all our reclaimed stone down to 50mm.  This will make installation quicker and easier for the contractor and will also reduce our transportation costs.  For more details on calibrated Reclaimed Yorkstone Paving please contact a member of our sales team.


By London Stone Blog | Published 6th December 2011
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