Bespoke Stone Paving, A brief history

London Stone have a real passion for natural stone.  One of natural stones greatest strengths is its versatility.  At first glance, stone seems to be a rigid material but with the right skills and tools, stone can be worked to create almost anything.  I am going to be  writing a weekly blog on our bespoke stone department.  The blog will explain all the different aspects to our bespoke stone operation and give readers a real insight into what it takes to succesfully supply bespoke natural stone.

Bespoke stone is nothing new in London.  Simply walk around the centre of our great capital and stone will be appparent everywhere.  Portland limestone is used extensively on prestigous buildings across London.  Buildings like St Pauls cathedral are constructed using Portland stone, as are many of the historical buildings across the city.  Portland is a relatively soft stone which makes it particualry good for intricate stone carving.

If you want to find stone when walking around the streets of London, simply look down.  Many of London's streets are paved in sandstone, Yorkstone to be precise.  Also take a look at the grand entrance steps which sit at the front of the majority of Londons period buildings, they will all be faced in Yorkstone & Portland

Yorkstone & Portland stone are still used extensively acrosss London but we are also now seeing lots of different types of imported stones used in hard landscaping projects.  Chinese granite and basalt are particualry popular becauise of their strength and consistency.  We are also seeing hard European limestone paving used.  Examples of this can be seen in Brixton where the towns square was paved in the ultra hard Chandor French limestone.

The above information was to provide a background into natural stones use as a bespoke material.  I will be continuing this theme next week and will be discussing production methods of bespoke stone.  If anyone has any questions about the content raised in the blog please feel free to contact me

Steven Walley (Managing Director)

By London Stone Blog | Published 13th May 2013
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