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I am based on a different work site to our bespoke stone production, so I am not fully involved in the day to day running of the production yard.  I do always enjoy going over to Langley though because there is always something interesting happening.  I was over at Langley this morning to have a look at some raw material for a small stone pier caps project I was working on for one of our landscaping clients.  As is usual for me I had my camera phone in my hand and was ready for any action that I could blog about.

The first thing I saw was one of our stone masons polishing some bespoke sawn sandstone paving.  Every piece of stone that goes through our stone masonry department has the surface slightly polished.  This is to remove any defects or production marks.  This process of polishing does add to the production time but is something we are unwilling to compromise on as it provides a superior finished product

IMG_0085     IMG_0086

Next I saw one of our stone masons working on some bespoke stone pool copings.  Even though the majority of our stone masonry work is done by machine there are always elements that need to be finished by hand.  In this case you can see from the pictures that we are working on internal bullnose corners.  The majority of the bullnose is done by machine but it still needs to be finished with a hand sanding pad to get the finish just right


Finally it was nice to see some finished stone packaged up.  We have spent a lot of time developing our packaging to avoid damages in transit.  Here are some sawn sandstone coping stones ready for delivery.  Thick foam spacers are placed between each different stone to avoid any contact during transit



By London Stone Blog | Published 14th October 2013
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