Bespoke Stone Creating Paving, Steps & Coping Stones

Welcome to the third part of the london stone bespoke blog.  Just to give a quick catchup of the previous blogs.  In the previous blogs we talked about recieving the raw blocks of stone from the quarrry and then cutting them up into large slabs of scant.  Today we are going to look a the next stage of production which is the scant being cut up into finished paving, step treads and coping stones.   Here are a couple of pictures of the process so far

Blocks of Portland Stone arriving from the quarry Blocks of Portland Stone arriving from the quarry


Block Cut Into Scant Block Cut Into Scant


the next stage is now to turn the scant into a finished product.  The most common items that we make are paving and step treads but we also make coping stones, pier caps and swimming pool surrounds.  Natural stone is such a versatile material that it can be crafted to make virtually anything.  The large slabs of scant are prized away from the block and then taken over to our bridge saws.  The bridge saws will then cut the slabs down to the desire sizes of paving and step treads.  We cut a wide range of different stones down to size but the most common types are Yorkstone, Portland limestone and Sawn Paving


Stocks Of Sawn Limestone Waiitng To Be Cut Stocks Of Sawn Limestone Waitnig To Be Cut


Bridge Saw Cutting Step Treads Bridge Saw Cutting Step Treads


Paving Cut To Size On Bridgesaw Paving Cut To Size On Bridgesaw







By London Stone Blog | Published 17th June 2013
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