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London Stone have become well known for our range of Bespoke Stone and sawn paving.  We have invested significantly in state of the art cutting equipment and we also have a large team of stone masons.  The investments we have made in our bespoke stone operation allow us to manufacture virtually anything from natural stone and means we can get involved with any type of project.  We often get visitors to the London Stone head office and they are always fascinated to see our machines and stone masonry operation in full swing.  It is an amazing process to see blocks of rough stone being crafted into beautiful bespoke pieces.  I have decided to write a weekly blog focusing specifically on the journey of a piece of natural stone as its turned from a piece of raw material into a finished product.  This will be the first part of the blog and we are going to look at stone as it arrives at London Stone in its original block form.

We take deliveries of blocks of Yorkstone & Portland stone at least once a week.  The Yorkstone comes from quarries close to Leeds, while the Portland stone comes specifically from the Island of Portland in Dorset.  the blocks of stone can weigh anything from 2 tons up to 14 tons.  When we source blocks we are always looking for the biggest blocks available.  The bigger the block, the less wastage we will see.  Some of the smaller blocks can be up to 50% wastage which is not only a waste of material but also not financially viable.  We have a huge forklift to move the block's around the yard.  The blocks are then stored in our yard, ready for the next stage of production, to be cut on our wire saw.

This blog will be continuing next week and we will be looking closely at the process of actually cutting the blocks down into rough slabs, which are known in the industry as scant.

Steve Walley (Managin Director London Stone)


By London Stone Blog | Published 28th May 2013
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