Why London Stone Is Partnering With Vistafolia

Why London Stone Is Partnering With Vistafolia - learn more about why we've partnered with this dynamic company and learn more about their amazing products.

A passion to create inspiring environments. Using the highest quality materials. Constant innovation. Does that sound like London Stone? It certainly does.

Vistafolia artificial wall panels at their HQ in Surrey - lavender Colour Box planting adds colour and texture

But look at Vistafolia’s website and you’ll find it’s actually their description of their values and approach, which is why we’re so pleased to be working with Paul Alder and his company.

If you’ve visited our new showroom at Farnham, you’ll have seen our first Vistafolia installation - a stunning water feature designed into a lush artificial green wall. And although we love living walls, the great thing about Vistafolia is that it genuinely caters to a completely different market, used where harsh conditions of exposed roof terraces, high winds, minimal light levels and toxic traffic conditions make living walls impracticable.

The impressive water wall display at our new Surrey Showroom - Vistafolia has a starring role

Paul has spent twenty-five years in the industry. He trained with the Royal Parks, then started his own garden design business at the age of twenty-four and won his first BALI award in 1993. Alongside other BALI and APL awards, he’s gained multiple Gold, Silver Gilt and Silver awards at RHS Chelsea and RHS Hampton Court.

This all goes to explain the care and detail that have gone into creating the Vistafolia panels and, if it surprises you that an avid horticulturalist has gone into artificial green walls, Paul explains, “An architect asked me to green up the side of a hotel where you couldn’t use real plants.” This started his journey to developing a solution, which has resulted today in the lightweight steel-wire panels, extraordinarily realistic plants and growing patterns, their carefully engineered UV-stability and the unique Colour Box scheme that makes every installation customisable different colours and textures.

Paul Alder (centre) showing the London Stone staff how to insert Colour Box planting into the green wall

“There are three panels: A, B and C,” says Paul, “with fifteen varieties of plants. Everything links together and plant groups mingle with the next panel. They connect seamlessly, and you can see how different textures are subtly blended, with other plants “seeded” into the groups, so it looks very natural.” In addition, the lavenders, whites, grasses and mixed plants of the Colour Boxes can be added to the layout by the designer.

Paul isn’t resting on his laurels, though. New colours and textures are due to be added to the range next year and, like us, he’s constantly looking for innovation and improvement. Products are not only tested at the R&D facility in England, but also in equatorial conditions abroad, and he has linked up with universities to research the longevity of plastics and other technicalities, with a view to developing new products.

London Stone staff get to grips with the Vistafolia artificial green wall at Vistafolia HQ, in Surrey

Here at London Stone we know we’re going to enjoy working with Vistafolia. For both of us, customer service and satisfaction are our top priority. Like London Stone, Paul’s is vibrant, growing company with plenty of dynamism which, as Paul says, is “changing our segment of the landscape industry”.

Get in contact for more details, and why not pop along to Farnham, or one of our other showrooms to see the display? It’s created at least one unexpected reaction. On first inspection, Creative Marketing Manager Anthony Macson found it hard to keep his hands off it. “You wouldn’t run your hands through a living wall,” he says, “as you could damage the plants, but you can get close to this and it just invites you to touch it and play with the design.”

Come and see if you agree!

Published 6th December 2018
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