Styling With Porcelain Grout

Discover how to use porcelain grout in your interior designs

When styling the interior of your home it is easy to overlook the impact that choosing the right grout can have on overall results of your design. With so many colour choices, this ancillary offers the ability to create unique projects. In this blog we will look into how you can use porcelain grout to elevate your design.

Porcelain grout is not only an essential part of the tiling process but can also be used to enhance designs.
The right porcelain grout in a project can make a big difference.


By using grout that matches your tiles you can create a clean, colour-blocked feel. Whether it is neutral colours like white, greys and blacks or bolder colours like pinks or blues, you can match the tiles and grout to create a unified design. This technique will produce a stunning result and create a cohesive feel to your project.

Pairing dark grout with light tiles is the perfect combination.
Contrasting dark grout with light tiles can help make the tiles pop.


Going in the complete opposite direction, you can contrast your grout and tiles. Match black with white and choose colours that complement each other. This highlights the grouting lines, emphasising the geometry of the tiles, and, to be successful, demands a really professional, accurate finish. This style is particularly for the more adventurous. The contrasting colours will make the whole appearance pop and make a real feature of your walls or floors.

Porcelain grout can be used to enhance your tiling project.
The right grout can make your tiling project.

Go bold

Grout now comes in a variety of colours. By choosing a bolder colour your grout will not simply shrink back into the design but stand out. There is no need to stick to the traditional white grouts but pick a colour that inspires you and gets more from your interiors.

Don’t forget to keep your grout looking it best, particularly when it is a key feature of your design. Read our handy cleaning tips here and shop the range of grouts.

Published 1st July 2021
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