South East London Natural Stone Showroom

The London Stone South East London showroom is now complete.  The build has taken longer than we expected but we are absolutely delighted with the end result.  Building the showroom has been a massive learning curve and if we ever build any more showrooms we will be much more aware of the pitfalls.  The biggest mistake we made with the showroom was at the design stage.  In hindsight we should have commissioned a much more detailed design, the fact that we didn't have a detailed design meant that we had to make a lot of changes on site.   Anyone in the landscape industry knows that on site changes will massively slow down the process of any garden design/landscaping project.  On the positive side the showroom looks absolutely stunning and we are getting positive feedback from all our customers.  I would like to say well done and a big thanks to Landart.  Landart are the company who completed the build of the showroom and are based in Surrey.

London Stone have always strongly believed that clients should be able to view natural stone paving in its proper surroundings, which is why we have always believed in building large showrooms.  The South East London showroom features our complete range of paving.  We have broken the showroom down into 2 areas.  the contemporary area features all of our sawn paving.  We have incorporated three large sets of steps into the sawn paving area.  The three sets of steps are made from Portland Stone, Grey Yorkstone & Buff Yorkstone and are meant to replicate how bespoke stone steps will look at the entrance to a property or within a garden.  The other side of the showroom features all of our more traditional products like Indian sandstone, tumbled sandstone and slate.

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By London Stone Blog | Published 17th September 2013
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