Ethically Sourced Natural Stone Paving Rajasthan Sandstone Working Group

London Stone joined the ETI 4 years ago.  Our intentions in joining the ETI were to initially gain a better understanding of our foreign supply chains with the long term view of improving the working conditions within those supply chains.  Natural stone paving is sourced from countries across the world.  London Stone source our paving from The UK, Germany, Portugal, Turkey, India and China.  The majority of our sandstone paving comes from India which is an area where the ETI is currently embarking on an ambitious work program.  Other Stone companies involved in the ETI include Pavestone, Brett, Marshalls, Granite House, Hardscape and Beltrami.  All these stone companies are coming together under the ETI umbrella to get involved in the project.  The objective of the program is to improve the lives and working conditions of people involved in the Rajasthan sandstone industry.  There have been huge improvements already within the Rajasthan sandstone industry particularly as the demand has grown for calibrated and sawn paving.  But there is lots of work to do still and by pooling our resources and commitment we hope to create lasting change.  I will be updating on the specific details of this project as it moves forward

By London Stone Blog | Published 9th August 2013
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