Exterior Stone Cladding

We've recently added exterior natural stone cladding to our paving range.  Our natural stone cladding is available in mint sandstone, green slate & multi coloured slate.  The cladding can be used to clad walls, water features or just used to create stand alone features.  The colours and texture of the cladding are quite varied so they will stand out and act as a strong focal point in a garden.  The cladding will work well in contemporary and traditional garden designs.  The cladding also looks good when used with coping stones.  London Stone supply coping stones in Yorkstone, sandstone, slate & limestone.  We have used Sawn beige sandstone & blue black slate copings to great effect with the cladding.  The cladding comes in z shaped modular panels of 600x150x15-30mm.  They can be mounted to walls using exterior tile adhesive.  For any information about stock or availability don't hesitate to get in touch with a member of our sales team




By London Stone Blog | Published 8th August 2013
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