Snow bad for natural stone business

The recent bad weather has been a real disaster for all types of business.  Its hard to see who would not have been affected by the recent appalling weather conditions.  Marshall's, the UK's largest hard landscaping supplier claim that the recent bad weather has cost them up to £5,000,000.  The bad weather has affected our business in a number of ways.  All other issues put to one side, paving should not be laid in conditions of below 3 degrees Celsius.  As soon as the bad weather began towards the end of the November we saw a big down turn because it simply became too cold to lay paving.  I spoke to a number of landscapers who have literally been pulling their hair out.  London Stone also produce bespoke stone in the form of stone steps and coping stones.  We faced a huge problem with producing bespoke material.  In order to suppress dust all of our stone cutting machinery requires water.  With the recent freezing weather we simply could not thaw the machinery out.  We thought about using chemicals but there was a possibility that the chemicals could have reacted with the natural stone and caused damage.  In addition we source some of our sandstone from quarries in Northern England, quarries which are covered with a foot of snow cannot produce stone.

It just goes to show that as advanced as us humans think we are, when mother nature intervenes we are completely helpless.  We are just keeping our fingers crossed that the snow will stay away so everybody can get back to work

By London Stone Blog | Published 7th January 2011
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