Keep Your Reclaimed Yorkstone Paving Safe

Premium cathedral quality Reclaimed Yorkstone Paving is rare, expensive and highly sought after.  In fact it is so highly sought after that one North West London borough council is being forced to take serious steps to prevent it from being ripped up from its streets.  Camden council recently reported on its website that over the past 6 weeks 160m2 of reclaimed Yorkstone paving has been lifted from the pavements and taken away by unscrupulous thieves.  The stolen stone has a value of £16,000 even before the cost of re-installation is taken into account.

Stolen Yorkstone is not a new thing.  I have heard many stories of homeowners returning from a day out to find that their driveway is missing.  Without screwing it down it is difficult to stop the most determined thief from stealing paving stones but there are a few steps which can be taken to make it as difficult as possible for the thieves.  If anyone from Camden council is reading this, (which is unlikely) the Yorkstone needs to be re-laid using a sticky mortar / SBR mix.  It is also advisable to apply a generous coat of SBR onto the backs of the paving prior to laying.  Most thieves are after an easy ride and if the paving does not lift easily then they will generally move on to an easier target.  The other more expensive option may be to lay new sawn Yorkstone paving.

By London Stone Blog | Published 10th December 2010
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