Reclaimed Natural Stone Paving & Setts

London stone are always on the look out for reclaimed natural stone.  While the popularity of imported Sandstone paving has been growing for the past ten years there is also a big demand for reclaimed paving materials.  Reclaimed natural stone is sought after for period developments, or when trying to match in with existing materials.  The most famous reclaimed material is Yorkstone paving.  Yorkstone has been used as a paving material for centuries and is as popular today as it ever was.  The price of reclaimed Yorkstone is currently at £65-£75 per m2 but this price can fluctuate.  The reason for the fluctuation in price is because there is only a limited supply of salvaged Yorkstone on the market.  Also popular are reclaimed granite and basalt setts.  These are the sort of setts you would expect to see on an old cobbled street in Manchester.  The vintage smooth feel has been created by years and years of gradual weathering.

London Stone are always willing to purchase reclaimed natural stone paving material.  We pay market rates for stone in good condition and can even swop reclaimed stone for any of our new paving products.

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By London Stone Blog | Published 10th November 2010
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