Patterned Bathroom Floor Tiles – Styling Tips

Read our top tips for styling patterned bathroom floor tiles

Patterned floor tiles are a great way to bring instant interest to a room. A powerful and practical choice, a patterned floor will elevate any bathroom design. The busy design is a great way to camouflage floors that receive heavy everyday foot traffic. When it comes to patterned tiles, knowing how to style them can be intimidating. Read on to find our style tips.

A contemporary bathroom with plain black and white wall tiles, black and white patterned floor tiles and his and her sink.
This bathroom oozes contemporary luxury with its black and white patterned floor and complementary walls.

Plain walls

if you have chosen to go with patterned bathroom floor tiles then you already have a focal point going into your design. To prevent your space from looking too busy, opt for a more scaled-back approach to your walls. Choose a plain-coloured porcelain tile for your walls and bathroom cabinets. Plain doesn’t mean boring, though. Match the colour of the walls with a colour from your pattern to create an impressive and cohesive overall scheme.

For a monochrome scheme, choose a black and white pattern tile. For the walls use a black tile on one of the walls for a feature; this will give the design a luxurious feel. Keep the other walls a plain white so as not to overpower the scheme. On the black feature wall, place your mirrors and bathroom basin. When it comes to coloured tiles, take a colour from the pattern and use this on all the walls.

Blue patterned floor tiles are paired with plain grey wall tiles. A plain sofa with blue cushions perfectly complements the tiles.
This patterned floor, paired with plain walls and hints of the colour in the accessories, is the perfect example of how to use patterned tiles without making the space appear too busy.

Double up

Using patterned tiles on both the floors and wall is high risk but high reward! Using the same tiles on the floors and walls is a bold move but can produce a truly impressive result. Be cautious not to choose a pattern that is too busy as this will completely overpower your space. A less complex pattern will create a cohesive design that can create a space that looks larger than it is. When it comes to the bathroom cabinets and suite, you should keep these plain. The focus of your design is on the pattern, not the accessories in the bathroom.

A close up of cream, brown, beige and mint mixed print, patterned floor tiles.
A patterned floor is the perfect way to inject some interest and character into a design.

There are a few ways that you can incorporate patterned tiles into both your walls and floors without it appearing too much. The first way in which you can do this is to have just one feature wall in your matching tile. Tile the entirety of the floor, pick one wall - behind your bath is a good choice - and tile this. Having the bathtub sitting in front of the tiles on the wall will break up the pattern a little and prevent it from taking over. The next option for you is to tile only halfway up the walls. On the remaining half of the wall choose a plain colour that complements the pattern of the tile. This will produce a stunning design that will give your bathroom an instant feel of elegance.

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Published 25th August 2021
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