Our New Range Of Interior Porcelain Tiles

We have introduced six exciting new interior porcelain tiles into our existing range.

The introduction of these new products has extended our already comprehensive stable of interior tiles. Each brings its own distinctive appearance. Unique and attractive, each of the tiles will make a stunning addition to the home.

Until the 30th June 2021 we are also offering a discount on all our tile orders, along with free Norcros Tile Adhesive and Grout, making it the perfect time to explore our wide range of colours and styles.

Our new range of interior porcelain tiles are inspired by oxidising metals and are perfect for an industrial chic design.
This range of tiles is perfect for achieving that modern industrial style.

These new additions have a chic industrial feel with hints of metal throughout. They are perfect for a modern design and making strong statements in every room of the house. The tiles can all be used for both flooring and walling inside the home. They all have the qualities that make porcelain a great product: waterproof, durable and low maintenance.

Copper Porcelain Tiles

This impressive tile has been inspired by the patterns of oxidising metal; rich brown hues and a distressed finish give it a strong character. The worn texture and raw feel of Copper Porcelain Tiles are perfect for creating that industrial feel. Pair with warm wood tones and a neutral colour palette to complete the look.

Get inspired for your next project by creating a mood board for your interior porcelain tiles.
Find some inspiration for you next project and start moodboard for these interior tiles.

Magnet Porcelain Tiles

Deep tones of grey, copper and charcoal are combined to give Magnet Porcelain Tiles a remarkable rich, cloudy feel. The rust-coloured markings perfectly emulate the effect of weathered iron, to give this tile its metallic character. To create an urban feel with this tile, mix with other raw materials like glass or reclaimed wood.

TC Mint Porcelain Tiles

Perhaps one of the most requested in the range, it is easy to see why this tile is so popular. Tones of mint-green and copper collide to create a stunning richness and depth. Evoking the appearance of oxidising copper, the interplay of tones produces an authentic vintage feel that is perfect for the modern industrial design. Not only will these tiles make an impressive statement inside the home, but they are also available in 20mm thickness, so can also be used outside.

Argent Porcelain Tiles

For a lighter design, our Argent Porcelain Tiles have a more neutral colour palette with shades of aging metal. Greys and beiges are paired with hues of oxididation that will bring a unique character to your interior. To give your design an additional nod to the Industrial Revolution, pair the tiles with elements like exposed brickwork or concrete as well as other raw, unfinished materials.

Each of the interior porcelain tiles has a unique finish.
Each tile in this range has a unique feel inspired by oxidised metal.

Navy Porcelain Tiles

The Navy Porcelain Tiles have a spectacular mix of tones. Dark navy and slate blue combine in impressive clouds and smudges, emulating the beauty of the organic process of oxidising metal in a marine environment. These tiles will make a striking feature in any home. The rich tones make the perfect pairing with exposed or galvanised metals, as well as earthy materials like reclaimed wood and leather with a little wear and tear.

Frozen Porcelain Tiles

Bright white, with soft touches of grey and brown, our Frozen Porcelain Tiles will bring a relaxed feel to your design. The hints of oxidised metal throughout the tile relax the bright white to produce a strong sense of character. Pair the tiles with vintage and salvaged items, worn textures and raw, unfinished materials. Avoid excess furniture and accessories and keep things simple to achieve a no-frills industrial chic look.

To take a closer look at the range and get inspired for your next project.

Published 13th May 2021
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