London Stones New Natural Stone Paving Showroom

I paid a visit to our new South East London showroom yesterday and am extremely excited as the build finally comes to an end.  The landscapers are making great progress on the traditional area of the showroom which is displaying all of our riven sandstone, limestone and slate.  This area also displays sandstone circles, granite and sandstone setts.  The other side of the display is also looking stunning, this side displays all of our sawn and bespoke products and is just full of different examples of how natural stone can be used creatively to produce steps, coping stones and pool surrounds.  I was particularly impressed with the Yorkstone area.  We have built a large raised terrace which features buff yorkstone, grey yorkstone and Portland stone in paving, step treads, coping stones and pier caps.  Also we have built a huge display of bespoke stone circles made from blue grey granite and Jura limestone paving.  The huge segments of the circles have been made on our CNC saw and are again, a great example of how bespoke stone can be used in any outdoor space.






By London Stone Blog | Published 7th August 2013
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