London Stone Showrooms give you space to think

Sometimes people just want to be left alone. You know the feeling, you go to a showroom, you want a look round, but the salesman follows you like an eager-eyed puppy. It’s not something you want to expose your clients to, either.


And it’s definitely not something you’ll find at our showrooms. Which is not to say that our staff aren’t keen to help. They just know that sometimes you want to consider the options, have a think, do some comparisons before engaging in technical (and other) questions.

This is why we’re refurbishing our three showrooms around the M25 with you and your clients as the focus for our new design. We’ve made sure they’re light and airy, with comfortable seating—they’re actually rather stylish—so if you suggest a visit to your clients, you can be sure they’ll get the right impression about who you trust with your business.


This is what designer Matthew Keightley said:

“I know that I can send my clients there and they will be entering a professional environment that reflects well on my business.”

Comfort extends further than the seating. We offer a help-yourself fridge with soft drinks and fruit juices; there’s free bean-to-cup coffee (testing coffee machines – that’s one way to get us wired!) and free Wi-Fi.


It’s a no-pressure atmosphere that gives you and your clients space and time to explore options, especially when our iPads and large screens let you browse completed garden projects for inspiration and compare our range online.


Here’s what designer Ann-Marie Powell said about our showrooms:

“They’re the perfect setting for discussing designs and material choices with our clients—and they never fail to get the creative juices flowing.”


If you need a bit more time and space, just ask about a meeting room. There’s one available at each showroom. Discuss designs with your clients, bring in a member of our staff to answer questions, take advantage of having images and information at your fingertips.


We think we’ve pretty much covered all the aspects that make life easier for you, but we’re always open to suggestions. Come for a visit and tell us what you think!

Published 9th June 2016
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