London Stone gives more choice in off-the-shelf Indian Sandstone

Last month we introduced you to the new stones that have just come into our paving range.  This month we're highlighting the additions to our existing pavings, brought in to make designing and ordering that much easier.

Riven Indian Sandstone is definitely one of the most popular pavings around and you can see why. It offers a wide range of colours, has plenty of surface character, is forgiving to lay, and blends easily with a wide variety of settings and properties.

It's also a good, economical choice for the cost-conscious designer. All that's been missing up to now has been a range of off-the-shelf features to help you to create a complete design without having to venture into commissioning bespoke elements—and their addition, of course, now means that it's even more economical to use.

So, now in our range of Raj Green, Kandla Grey, Autumn Brown and Fossil Mint Indian Sandstone are ready-cut steps and coping stones.  These really extend the options.   The riven steps are a chunky 900 mm wide and 40mm thick, with a good tread of 500 mm.  Coping is 600mm x 300mm x 40mm and we have the full range of straight, corner and end coping shapes, all with drip grooves incised on the underside.

riven coping render final 09-2-15

What we really think suits these copings and steps is the hand-chiselled rock-faced edges—the leading edge of the steps, the inner and outer edges of the coping.  This is totally in character with the riven surface and creates a sturdy, crafted feel. Of course, if you prefer a different edge profile we're still happy to create bespoke edges to your specifications.

These steps and coping stones are great for topping off walls, creating benches and mean that you can add finishing touches to multi-level designs, pool surrounds and walls, all straight from our off-the-shelf ranges.  See our full range of Indian Sandstone Paving here.


By London Stone Blog | Published 6th March 2015
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