How To Style Our Jura Grey Limestone Tiles

Learn how to style our stylish Jura Grey Limestone Tiles

These tiles can be used all over the home to create impressive designs that are full of character. Available in a brushed or honed finish for either a textured or more polished effect. These attractive tiles can be used all over the home to give your design an instant injection of luxury. In this blog we will explore how to style tiles.

Jura grey limestone tiles are perfect for creating a relaxing bathroom atmosphere.
The tiles create a relaxed, spa-like feel in this bathroom.


The tiles are a great tile choice for the bathroom. The tiles create a luxurious spa-like feel and the perfect calming environment that you want for your bathroom. You can use either the honed or brushed finish in the bathroom. Our Jura Grey Honed Limestone Tiles will give the bathroom a sleek and smooth finish that works well with a more contemporary design. Pair with monochrome features, like bright white sink and toilet and even black taps, for an ultra-modern styling. The Jura Grey Brushed Limestone Tiles will give the design a much more textured finish. Pairing with soft furnishings and natural elements like plants and wood will give this design a relaxed atmosphere.

Create a modern kitchen with jura grey limestone tiles.
This chic kitchen is the perfect example of using these tiles to create a modern space.


In the kitchen you can either use these tiles on the floors, walls or as a splash back. If you are using the tiles for flooring the Jura Grey Brushed Limestone Tiles will offer a more slit resistant finish compared to the honed. The tiles will offer the ideal neutral backdrop, whether used as flooring or walling, to allow you to get creative with the rest of your interior designing. Keep your design simple and modern with blacks and whites. Alternatively blue cabinets, white countertops and wooden detailing will work perfectly with these tiles. If you are using the tiles as a splash back, for just a hint of limestone, then use our Jura Grey Honed Limestone Tiles. The more polished surface will make clean up quicker and easier.

Make a bold statement around the home with jura grey limestone tiles.
Jura has been used here to create a truly impressive focal point.

Living room

These tiles are a great choice of tile for a contemporary living room setting. The limestone oozes elegance and will make the perfect addition to light airy living spaces. The neutral palette of the tiles will work well whatever style you are looking to achieve. Again, using monochrome features in your living space, paired with our Jura Grey Honed Limestone Tiles will create a clean modern setting. For a more relaxed feel match our Jura Grey Brushed Limestone Tiles with natural elements like reclaimed wood and plenty or planting. The luxurious feel of the tiles will also complement rich tones like dark blues and emerald greens for those looking to create a bolder design.

Published 11th June 2021
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