How To Point Natural Stone Quickly

As reported in previous blogs we are currently testing a new brush in jointing compound.  The product is called Easijoint and we are extremely excited about the potential of this product.  There are similar products on the market such as Romex and Geo fix.  The problems of Geofix have been well documented and I do not wish to go over them again but Romex is a really strong product with a good reputation in the market place.  I have never been quite sold on romex for two reasons.  One is that you need to mix a 2 part solution together which while not being a difficult process does create an unnecessary extra layer of work, not to mention the mixing tool required to blend the two parts together.  The second issue I have is that it because it is resin based it leaves a shine on the surface of the paving, something which many of my clients will not tolerate.  The key advantage to these sweep in compounds is that they are fast, durable and give a consistent colour.  Just too quickly discuss the speed of these brush in products.  Sandstone paving and natural stone paving sets in particular can take a long time to grout, brush in products will reduce installation times significantly, much quicker than products like Easipoint.

Easijoint does not leave any shine and also comes ready to install without any mixing.  It can also be done in wet weather which is very important in this country.  The only slight downside I can see at the moment with easijoint is the lack of colours available, something we hope the manufacturers will remedy soon

By London Stone Blog | Published 9th December 2010
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