How To Choose the Right Bathroom Tiles

Your bathroom is bound to be one of the most-used rooms in the home. You’ll be in it every day, so it’s important that you have a completely functional bathroom that also feels pleasant to be in. Choosing the right bathroom tiles, therefore, should be high on your list of priorities when designing your space, since they’ll need to be robust and will take up a large portion of your surface space.

But don’t worry, we know that for many people it can be difficult to know where to start, which is why we’ve created this quick guide on how to choose the right bathroom tiles for your home. We’ll give you some places to start and things to keep in mind, providing you with a strategy for this important part of the design.

Start with a budget in mind

It’s easy to get carried away looking at designs, patterns and colours, and while those things are important, you’re likely to have some sort of budget for your bathroom renovation or refurbishment project overall. For this reason, you should set a budget for your bathroom tiles.

What you budget will depend on several factors, including:

  • How large the space is you’re looking to tile
  • What percentage of the overall budget you’ve set aside for tiles
  • Whether you plan to lay the tiles yourself or pay someone to do it

Once you’ve established a budget, you’ll be able to refine the pool of tile design choices you can select from.

Walls, floors or both?

You may have already thought about whether you’re tiling your floor, the walls, or both, since you’ll need to have calculated the surface area for budgeting. But this is the time to really think about it in more detail.

If you’re tiling both walls and floors, will you want the same tiles throughout or will you want different tiles to break the two up? Keeping the same tiles for all surfaces gives your bathroom a unified feel and can, in some circumstances, make the room feel larger if you opt for lighter tones. However, if you contrast your walls and floor, it does offer a more striking finish.

It's easy to get creative with our Comblanchien Porcelain Tiles. Combine with a darker tile for an elegant contrasted look
Get Creative With Our Stunning Comblanchien Porcelain Tiles

The choice is ultimately yours, but this decision will shape whether you’re looking for one tile design that will work for both surfaces or two different tiles that still pair well.


The bathroom is going to be one of the few places you’ll walk barefoot, while surfaces may become wet when you shower and bathe. For this reason, you should carefully consider the texture of your tiles. Any tile with a raised or textured finish is likely to give you a little more slip resistance. However, even some smoother finishes will have some level of grip. It’s worth doing your research here to find out just how much slip resistance a tile has when both wet and dry, as this could inform your choice. A slip rating is given for each of our tiles in its product specifications.

At London Stone, we always recommend using an anti-slip bath mat in your bathroom, regardless of the tile texture you decide on.

Feel comfort underfoot with our Brazilian grey slate tiles for your bathroom floor.

Our Brazilian Grey Slate Tiles are elegant in design and a popular choice for bathrooms
Our Brazilian Grey Slate Tiles Are A Popular Choice For Bathroom Flooring

See our range of slate tiles here


Classic black and white chessboard tiling often comes to mind when you think of a bathroom, but your options are so much wider these days. Whether you want something neutral for a touch of elegance and class or you love more vibrant colours and want to create something more exciting and personal, there is something to suit.

You don’t have to choose tiles all the same colour either; you can find tiles with unique grain effects, marbled effects or simply choose a tile where the colour varies slightly from tile to tile for a chic, rustic feel. Choose our azure glazed ceramic wall tiles for a watery effect on your bathroom walls. Alternatively, you can explore our full range of ceramic wall tiles here.

Our Azure Glazed Ceramic Wall Tile features a stunning blue transparent gloss finish ideal for bathrooms
Our Azure Glazed Ceramic Wall Tile Boasts A Stunning Transparent Gloss Finish

Don’t forget about grout when considering colour, too. You can find grout in lighter or darker colours depending on the finish you want and the colour of the tiles themselves.


Picking tile shapes is one of those subjective style choices. You can have a smoother, more expansive space with large tiles, as there are fewer breaks visually, or opt for smaller tiles to draw the eye and create a pattern. You can get more creative if you have the patience to lay hexagonal tiles, but bear in mind that something that seems on-trend right now may not be next year; a bathroom should be as timeless as possible when it comes to style, as it’s not as easy as it is for other rooms when you want to change things.

Create the look of one larger surface for a luxury finish with our large, metallic-effect copper porcelain tiles. Explore our full range of porcelain tiles here.

Our Copper Porcelain Tiles add a sense of warmth to your bathroom featuring rich and chromatic tones
Add A Sense Of Warmth To Your Bathroom With Our Copper Porcelain Tiles

Find the perfect bathroom tiles in our range of floor and wall tiles, where we stock options in porcelain, ceramic, limestone and slate. There truly is something for every taste, budget and home in our collection of quality bathroom tiles. Browse our tile selection now and start planning the bathroom you’ve always dreamed of.

Published 13th July 2022
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