August Bank Holiday Closure

Learn more about our August Bank Holiday Closure and the reasoning behind this decision.

We know that you do not always have the luxury of having bank holiday off, which is why in the past we've remained open. However, this year has thrown a lot of challenges at our staff. For this reason, we’ve made the decision to say thank you to our staff by closing over the full bank holiday weekend.

August Bank Holiday Closure

London Stone are closing the business across the August Bank Holiday for the first time - photo image courtesy of The Lovely Garden

What have our staff being doing

Despite the coronavirus pandemic and ensuing lockdown, this has been our busiest ever year, so far. 2020 is the year to realise the potential of your own back garden and any outside space. This has led to extraordinary demand of many of our products. Our sales team has been working tirelessly, taking calls and processing orders whilst also facing the same challenges as the rest of the public.

As Chris Durnford, our Customer Experience Director puts it, “During these strange times living with COVID-19 we found that our staff have had their own challenges. Whether it was home-schooling, finding childcare, dealing with the increased workload or additional Health and Safety measures. It has been a lot to deal with. I am immensely proud of the team with how they have handled these challenges and come together as a team. We are even closer as a team now than before and have found a new appreciation for each other’s work and life in general! I’m thrilled to be able to give our entire team three consecutive days off, when a bit of R&R is greatly needed to re-charge those batteries.”

August Bank Holiday Closure London Stone Showroom

London Stone's Middlesex Showroom has plenty of outdoor space to enable social distancing - but only when we reopen the business on September 1st!

August Bank Holiday Closure

But that is not where the hard work ends. Our operations team have been making deliveries in their tonnes, making sure that orders are received on time.

As Marius Catrinoi-Cornea, Operations Director says, "The past few months have been the most trying times we have seen here at our Langley Distribution Centre. We have delivered around 10,000 tonnes of material per week, which has not only challenged our team, but has also challenged our suppliers and hauliers as well. Our amazing, dedicated and hardworking staff, as well as the outstanding relationships we have within our supply chain have helped us keep it under control. I can't think of a better way to say thank you to our staff for helping us through this."

August Bank Holiday Closure Delivery Fleet

The London Stone fleet of vehicles loaded and ready to deliver up to 10,000 tonnes of goods per week

Hard work pays off

The decision was made by the board to close for the entirety of the bank holiday to say thank you. The whole business, including showrooms and all sites, will be closed on Saturday 29th and Monday 31st August. Nor will any deliveries be made on these days.

This Means that all staff members will be able to enjoy the full bank holiday and return to business refreshed on Tuesday 1st September. The intention is to give staff the chance to feel rested, and restored and recovered from the busy months we have experienced. Staff member’s holiday entitlement will be unaffected. You can still place orders online at over the weekend.

August Bank Holiday Closure Trustpilot

A positive review from our customers helps keep us motivated during uncertain times for everyone

Why should you take time off?

When you take time away from work it gives you the chance to unwind. Those who take regular holidays are more motivated about their work and perform more effectively. Stress levels are reduced, and mood and productivity can increase. Bank Holidays provide the perfect opportunity to catch-up on sleep and get much needed rest and recuperation. If you are not already planning on taking time off, then we encourage you to do so, if possible.

Words from the board

Steve Walley, Managing Director of London Stone, had this to say about the weekend closure. "We feel that the business has coped well over the last few months. Unprecedented demand across the industry means our teams have been under added pressure. We would like to thank them for their hard work. To reward our staff by giving them some time off over the August Bank Holiday was a no-brainer for myself and the board. Our staff can spend time with loved ones after what has been a difficult and challenging time for everyone."

The decision was well received by members of staff who are excited to enjoy a long weekend of relaxing!

Published 27th August 2020
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