Increase the Value of Your Home with Natural Stone

Today we will be hearing from Jane Rode, one of London Stones interior specialists.  Today Jane will be talking about how natural stone can be used to add value to your property.

Natural Stone possesses so many benefits that few other materials can compete.  Originality, quality, natural beauty, heat-retaining properties and durability are but a few, making stone tiles and worktops the number one choice if you’re looking to add value to your home. The main reasons are listed below:

1.  The most valued space in a home is the kitchen, so it’s worth investing in! ‘A new kitchen will make your property more appealing to buyers and can add as much as 4% to its value, according to the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors RICS.  Natural stone will bring a kitchen to life whether used in tile format on the floor and walls or used as a worktop material.

2.  A new bathroom can add 5% to the value of your property, according to Nationwide Building Society.  Like kitchens, bathroom's are a house seller and natural stone will give any bathroom the wow factor.  Materials like Limestone Tiles, Travertine & Marble are commonly used in bathrooms.  Here is an example of a bathroom tiled in Jura Limestone

Jura Grey Australia

3.  A new conservatory can add 4-5% (RICS, 2013)  to the value of a property.  We know that when correctly laid, natural stone looks stunning but in conservatories there are practical reasons to use it as well.  If the conservatory is north-facing it will possibly require heating.  Natural stone works well in conjunction with underfloor heating as it will retain heat.

4.  Stone worktops and vanities will really improve the value of your property.  Granite worktops are often seen as a luxury but they are often cheaper than composite and when you consider the durability of a granite worktop, they actually represent good value for money over their lifetime

Asian Blue antico (1)

5. Stone floors and walls will always add value to a property.  Natural stone can be used throughout the home, and with its excellent heat retaining properties, does have both practical and aesthetic value.

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Published 5th June 2013
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