Tumbled Paving, available in Indian sandstone, brings a touch of warmth and age that particularly suits older and traditional settings. The paving is created by passing newly riven stone through vibrating machinery, which smooths edges, rounds off corners and softens the riven profile, creating a vintage feel. Available in Raj Green, Mint, Kandla Grey, and Black Sandstone Paving, our range has a colour to suit any location and comes in a variety of sizes to extend design options. Tumbled Paving patio packs contain an equal mix of all four sizes, making them a convenient choice when a relaxed, rustic effect is favoured.
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Tumbled Mint Sandstone Paving
Tumbled Mint
Tumbled Raj Green Sandstone Paving
Tumbled Raj Green
Tumbled Kandla Grey Sandstone Paving
Tumbled Kandla Grey
Tumbled Black Sandstone Paving
Tumbled Black
Antique Cream Sandstone Paving
Antique Cream
Antique Yellow Limestone Paving
Antique Yellow
Tumbled Paving combines well with our Tumbled Sandstone Setts to create pattern and edging options, whilst the setts' smoother surface adds variation to the texture of paving designs. The tumbling process actually makes the sandstone less porous, increasing its stain-resistance, but we still recommend sealing to keep the stone looking its best. An economical alternative to reclaimed stone, our Tumbled Paving, like all our Indian Sandstone, is sourced from suppliers that we visit regularly to ensure that it is ethically quarried.